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Computer Exchange is a company you can trust to build, repair, and troubleshoot your computer or network. Chain stores lack individualized treatment, products, and support. Once you see what we offer, you will never go back. Make us your first choice in Virginia for computer repair and support. 

Industry News

Equifax Slapped With UK's Maximum Penalty Over 2017 Data Breach

September 20th

Credit rating giant Equifax has been issued with the maximum possible penalty by the UK's data protection agency for last year's massive data breach. From a report: Albeit, the fine is only 500,000 Pound (roughly $6,62,000) because the loss of customer da...

Cloudflare Ends CAPTCHAs For Tor Users

September 20th

Cloudflare announced on Monday a new service named the "Cloudflare Onion Service" that can distinguish between bots and legitimate Tor traffic. The main advantage of this new service is, said Cloudflare, that Tor users will see far less, or even no CAPTCH...

California May Ban Terrible Default Passwords On Connected Devices

September 20th

According to Engadget, the California Senate has sent Governor Jerry Brown draft legislation that would require manufacturers to either have to use unique preprogrammed passwords or make you change the credentials the first time you use it. "Companies wil...